Michael Seward

I am a Chicago based photographer originally from NY who discovered a passion for the medium after taking it up as a hobby. Taking photographs is now the prime focus of my days and what better place to do that than the great cityscape of Chicago. I can be found walking the city streets at all hours seeking out the light and life it has to offer. The camera presents me with an avenue to express my personal vision and the way I see daily life frame to frame.  


I found Prinvas (or should I say Prinvas found me) the same way most things in my life do...while sipping a beverage. However, this one happened to be shared with Prinvas founder Sara Aikens.  We spoke of the project and of its charitable aspirations and I immediately fell in love with the idea and begged to be involved. I work regularly with homeless or local Chicagoans at risk of being homeless in an artistic realm, to provide them with a creative outlet and the ability to express their unique vision. Naturally, this project made perfect sense. I could continue to be creative and give back, while also showcasing my art to a new audience on a whole new platform. 


When I capture an image, it's a piece of myself that I freeze in time. I hope that my photographs make you take a more conscious look at life, inspire thought, evoke emotion, take action, or just simply help you find the smile inside.