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Giving Back... Event Style

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

In my mind it seams simple, bring people together, let them have a shared experience and let the story behind why we create this art do the talking. As a business, I could not even conceptualize what Prinvas was to be without having a strong philanthropic partner. Before creating the LLC, the website and even before I had started curating talent, I called upon skyART.

The story begins with the longest phrase I have ever Googled... "philanthropic organizations that support the arts in vulnerable communities"... 5 non for profits where listed that I am sure do amazing work but the initiative set forth by skyART seemed to speak to my heart. In short, they remove any barrier that would prevent a child in some of Chicago's most underserved neighborhoods from discovering that they are a creative being.

When I thought about this and who I was as a little creative being, I immediately knew that Prinvas could only come to be if I could help put money and awareness towards skyART. As a girl and eventually a teenager I had so many feelings that I was not well equipped at the time to express. I had two parents in my home, enough food to eat everyday and I still could not manage my feelings without the expressions of art and music. To think about children living under duress, with never having an opportunity to discover their creative muscle makes me wake up everyday to create for them.

Currently, as a new business we are using events to get not only this message out to Chicago's art buyer about skyART but also to share what we feel Chicago looks like from the eyes of artists and designers. At a recent private event for Sean Bustard, an agent with @properties we donated 3 pieces of art for raffle to connect with an audience that we new would need our services and also be just as passionate about lifting Chicago up to a higher level.

In a different vein, this coming Tuesday we will be supporting the Neopolitan Lighthouse at The Glunz Tavern on Wells to help victims of domestic violence and the little ones they love have the resources they need to be safe and well. At this public event (and ps. we would love to see you there) we will be raffling off an 18" x 24" piece that half of every $10 raffle ticket that is sold will be donated to these victims in addition to our 5% donation to skyART.

LONG DISTANCE . 18" x 24" . Framed Acrylic Canvas Board . Sara Aikens

We are expecting a great turn out and are thrilled to be partnering with Chandon Sparkling Wine and Volcan Tequila to give back to the Neopolitan Lighthouse Org. Better yet, we are all female owned businesses who care about lifting while we climb. See you there, cheers!

- Sara Aikens

Founder. Artist. Collaborator.

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