Rachel Joyce

I am a local artist who began painting when I was six years old. My dad enrolled my siblings and I in a drawing and painting class at a local private art school as a favor to his friend and owner of the school. It was there that I discovered a deep love for creating, a love that ultimately led me to pursue painting as a career. I am a firm believer in the power of the arts as a means of expression for people of all ages and walks of life, which is why Prinvas felt like a perfect fit. Knowing that every time one of my pieces finds a new home, I am also assisting in the fight to keep the arts alive in a world that seems to forget it’s importance brings me true happiness.

Growing up with a very traditional art education, I have always painted very realistically. Until college, I began to branch out and explore the world of abstract. I consider myself a versatile artist and don't limit myself to any single style or medium as my work bounces back and forth between the two. I constantly aim to create new, interesting and beautiful work while simultaneously trying and learning new things to push my work to new limits.

My abstracts are created with multiple applications of layers in such a way that each layer often dictates the layer that follows. My painting process relies on introspection and reflection simultaneously, which requires an exertion of energy into the piece to create the composition of the painting. Within that space I strive to use color combinations and form to evoke a personal feeling, idea, memory, or event. While I usually have a general idea of how I want a piece to look, this process of expression allows for what I like to call "happy accidents" and the pieces often turn out differently than I originally intended. While my paintings are very personal and often based on my own experiences, my hope is that the viewers can discover their own meaning in a piece that speaks to them. I strive to create a space that does not exist in our physical world, but is still relatable and provocative to the viewer.