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Sara Aikens

It took me a long time to discover that I was not only obsessed with color, but also the positive and negative space in almost anything. I thought that I was a painter, I thought I was a portrait artist... over time what I realized was that I loved to make people feel something together and this is my truest form of expression.

I strive to keep my work in touch with moments we all experience as humans, while adding reason for pause. My shapings as an artist come from never having been a joiner, always a doodle-er, obsessed with aesthetic and how pieces of art can work together conceptually to tell a story. I know that the influence of my father’s old blueprints created an architecture in my mind that I hope can reveal itself with layered richness in my pieces.

Professionally, in the art world, I began my career as a volunteer (wink, wink) by giving my work away so I would not have to live with an out-of-date version of my expressions. I have grown over the years by embracing the story that threads my pieces together. Working collaboratively with my clients has helped me draw inspiration and infuse new DNA into my work, which I try to practice daily.

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